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Improve communication. Increase collaboration. Build trust.

Two-thirds of hospital transfers are potentially avoidable. What steps are you taking to prevent hospital readmissions? Does your team have the tools to confidently communicate with practitioners and build trust across care settings?

With SigmaCare’s INTERACT solution, your entire team will be better connected in monitoring residents’ care any time, from anywhere. Just imagine an electronic workflow that enables you to:

  • Identify and communicate changes in condition in real time
  • Enhance collaboration with practitioners by electronically capturing relevant assessment data in one document
  • Improve resident-centered care by reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions

Start today to be a better care partner by reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions.

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Educational webinars

Paper be gone… Learn the benefits of using the electronic version of INTERACT

Did you know INTERACT benefits your team, your care partners and your residents? Join us as we discuss how the INTERACT quality improvement program not only enables your team to intervene more quickly but also enhances communication among all care team members. We’ll review the core components of the program and the potential outcomes they can have on your organization. Learn how the program can lead to a reduction of readmissions, improved status with referral partners and an increase in census.

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Reduce Hospital Readmissions using SigmaCare INTERACT

Embedding the INTERACT quality improvement program into your EHR facilitates adoption of the program and improves communication among care providers. Join us as we discuss how optimizing your EHR ensures your team is equipped with the tools needed to improve the quality of life for residents and that your organization is recognized as a trusted partner amongst care providers.

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Implementing SigmaCare INTERACT Hand-n-Hand

Get an in-depth overview of how the SigmaCare INTERACT solution works, including key features and benefits. We’ll discuss proven practices for successfully transitioning from paper forms to an electronic workflow so that you can proactively prepare your team for a successful adoption experience.

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